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Firlcom Network was founded in 2010 as a sole proprietor business initially offering consulting services in BCLB and Local authority Licence application. It was registered as a limited liability under local directorship in 2011 and has since grown from 2 permanent staff to 59 staff with an additional contact staff of over 380.

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SAFARICOM TDRS Responsibilities

Sales Volume growth

  • Achieve set monthly sales and revenue targets from the focus product mix
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Sales Force Management

Hiring, training and motivating sales staff, coordinating operations across the sales department and implementing a cohesive sales strategy that drives business revenues. Integral part for success of marketing strategy is management of the sales force. Firlcom Netwok management of sales consists of Recruitment, Training, Supervision, Motivation, Evaluation & Art of negotiation and relationship marketing.

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Human Resource Management

Our HRM Services handles all aspects of hiring employees while respecting all the important points that defines the best staff. We assist with human resource planning, Conducting Job analysis, recruitment and conducting job interviews, selection of human resources, orienting, training, Providing benefits and incentives, appraising, retaining, Career planning, quality of work life, employee discipline etc.

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Marketing Activations

All leading brands uses activations to build popularity and give the consumer an experience that will make them feel connected to the company. To create the connection, Firlcom Network ensures that your brands find a way to reach potential customers, shift perceptions and create real emotional engagements. Consumer brand activations are a very crucial part of building a positive perception of a brand.

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Marketing Strategy

If you are seeking a marketing strategy consultant to help grow your business, then you have landed on the experts pad. Our marketing strategy experts employ a disciplined approach and a broad spectrum of analytical tools in mapping customer needs to market requirements, while aligning the offering with target customer requirements.

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Safaricom TDRS

Our TDRs offer market support to the M-PESA Agents, Safaricom Dealers and retail outlets with the aim to grow Safaricom business. This team has ensured that all the Agent stores in the market are setup within SLA and are also able to operate optimally.

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Our Mission

To provide gainful employment and empower young Kenyans and transform Lives

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